Fresh Baked Sweets

Baked fresh daily in our own kitchen, we offer several varieties of gourmet cupcakes, and desserts. Enjoy them on their own or make it an addition to your box lunch.

Vegetarian Friendly Options

A vegetarian dishes can be customized to suit your taste. If it's not already on our menu, just ask for it and we'll make it.

Lighter Side and Appetizers

Our salads and gourmet box lunches are designed for the light lunch in the office or appetizers and delicious entrees to be catered to your home. Gourmet meats, cheeses, and veggies are combined to tease the taste buds and tantalize the tongue.

Farm Fresh Produce

Selected for their quality, we use only freshest produce in all of our dishes. Fruits and vegetables should be crisp and juicy, as we assure you that it is how they will be served to you.

Gourmet Box Lunches 

We make our gourmet box lunches to order, which are complimented by a choice of a side and cupcake.

Our Food